Have you discovered the benefits (and convenience!) of shopping online as an FBA Seller?

How You Can Take Advantage Of Amazon's Highly Profitable
Platform Without Touching A Single Piece Of Inventory!

Online Shopping Profit System!

Online Shopping Profit System Includes:

A little history…

A few short years ago, we introduced our Shop Your Way to Wealth Program.

In no time flat, our Shop Your Way to Wealth members learned and mastered the skills of using local retail arbitrage to get into quick and ready cash flow. This method gives them extra monthly income to pay off student loans, pay down credit card debt, purchase new cars… even buy new houses!

In all our years of internet marketing, we’ve never seen anything get our members into steady cash flow as fast as the Shop Your Way to Wealth program.

Frankly, it’s been a blast to see the income members continue to create!

Of course, there are joys and challenges in any worthwhile endeavor. Local retail arbitrage does require that you continue to ‘feed the beast’ to keep the cash cow coming. If you stop sending in products, the cash cow disappears…

With local retail arbitrage, you are limited to driving around store to store (sometimes covering many miles), only shopping when the stores are open and having access only to the products that happen to be in the store that day.

There is an easier way to feed the cash cow… and that’s online arbitrage!

What this means is you search for profitable products online in the comfort of your own home, any hour of the day or night, shopping multiple stores and often accessing a much larger quantity of inventory.

Then you simply purchase the products and prep, pack and ship to Amazon to sell for a profit!

To make this super easy for you, we’ve created the Online Shopping Profit System!

You work this arbitrage method completely at home on your PC. We have several members who’re now working this business with spouses and children- it’s become a family affair for them.

Some of our members particularly love the benefits of online shopping, such as Julie Perry:

And once you have this system down, it’s really easy to outsource the repetitive task of product research to a Virtual Assistant, who’ll help to greatly expand the inventory in your Amazon store.

And you can hire a VA for 20% or less than US worker wages!

We teach you exactly how to find, train and manage a Virtual Assistant, step-by-step, in the Online Shopping Profit System. In fact, our program creator and Executive Director of Training and Development, Brian Cummings, provides you with templates of every document you need to do this successfully.

He’s even included a training video that teaches a VA how to do online product research and input the information into the Online Arbitrage Research Tool that comes with the program. That means you don’t have to learn how to use recording software because he’s already done that for you!

Brian has very successfully hired and trained multiple VA’s over the years and he’s taken all that he’s learned to assure you won’t make costly mistakes in hiring or managing Virtual Assistants.

Now, I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t learn how to do online research yourself. In fact, Brian teaches that it’s imperative that you learn and implement the system before you hire a VA. That way, you’ll be much more effective in communicating with your VA and understanding the details of the work he or she is doing on your behalf.

Online Shopping Profit System Includes:

Many of our members have combined local retail arbitrage with online arbitrage and have had some astounding success.

For example, Raj and Chaitanya Maradana…

This is how Raj & Chaitanya have been able to reach their big numbers: a mix of local and online arbitrage:

$401,132.33 in one calendar year from their arbitrage business!

And there’s Tim and Maia Coyle who started with local retail arbitrage and added in online shopping, wholesale sourcing and now have their very own Print-on-Demand store.

Since starting their new Amazon business in 2015, they raked in 7 vacations in 2017 and have 8 vacations on the books for 2018.

They were able to hit the 100K mark in sales in their 2nd year in business:

And Ed Fabritiis, a young father who was seeking help so he could spend more time with his family…

“Online Shopping Profit System was great for helping me hire a VA. She’s done a fantastic job finding fast selling products for me to sell. I’ve got a young family I’m raising. This is the kind of leverage I was looking for.”

And Carol Smith who discovered additional value in the training…

“Online Shopping Profit System was great for helping me hire a VA. She’s done a fantastic job finding fast selling products for me to sell. I’ve got a young family I’m raising. This is the kind of leverage I was looking for.”

Online Shopping Profit System Includes:

I understand that by purchasing the Online Shopping Profit System, I’ll have access to everything below:

We take you through this very detailed step-by-step hiring process to help eliminate painful training and management time you can’t afford to lose!

In addition to all of the above, you will receive an optional invitation to attend a live two day OSPS Workshop.

This is your opportunity to dive deep into the all the documents and resources that are covered in the program…as well as tips and tools that we save for workshop attendees. In addition, with the fast pace at which e-commerce moves, there’s always new tools that have evolved since the program was written. Our Trainers stay on top of these tips and tools so that attendees are always informed about the most current information and strategies available.

Here’s what attendees had to say about our recent 2-Day OSPS Workshop.

Online Shopping Profit System Includes:

And there’s more…

When you make your purchase today, we’re throwing in an incredible BONUS which is the perfect addition to an already highly proven system. You will love this special bonus:

Dr. Josie Shepard’s mini-workshop-

“How to Set Up an Amazon Business On Autopilot by Outsourcing: Creating Systems in Your Business & Managing Team Members to Run Them”

Dr. Josie is one of our Certified Trainers as well as the owner of THREE fully automated Amazon businesses run by Virtual Assistant teams in India and the Philippines. Outsourcing is Dr. Josie’s expertise!

You see, Dr. Josie quickly figured out two things if she wanted to grow her businesses:
1. You can't do it by yourself. You need help.
2. You need a system to train and manage your team.

Josie created a System that applies to every essential element of every type of Amazon business:

Her system creates true time freedom with 7 essential elements:

1. Sourcing
2. Listing
3. Purchasing & Shipping
4. Inventory & Management
5. Marketing
6. Customer Service
7. Profitability

This is what Dr. Josie’s mini-workshop will do for you:

Really, this BONUS is a no-Brainer…it’s worth the cost of the Online Shopping Profit System alone!

It’s time to grow your business with time and effort-saving efficiency!

Remember, you really can’t do this alone. Let’s get you up and running with a Virtual Assistant who can make a huge difference in discovering and purchasing profitable products to put into your Amazon store.

Your profits are simply waiting to be discovered…

Online Shopping Profit System Includes: